2019-06-26 04.18.39 1.jpg


Wrapping up a project I’ve spent three months on.

About to kick off something exciting with one of my longest-term clients.

Keeping an eye out for UX events and conferences.

Open to new opportunities 📩

2019-01-08 10.02.14 1.jpg


I recently finished an Interaction Design course on Coursera and a really handy Sketch course on Gymnasium.

I’ve just started taking psychology in design courses on Interaction Design Foundation.

2019-08-06 12.52.14 2.jpg


Planning a trip to Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.

I found a yoga studio I love and am going as often as I can.

Reading more. I just read my first Virginia Woolf, can’t believe I made it through a Literature degree without having done so.